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This Privacy Policy is an integral part of our terms and other Terms of Use Agreement, which are posted on this website. When you access and use this website, we understand that you agree to the content of this privacy policy and other related policies on this website.

We reserve the right to amend or supplement this Policy at any time. We encourage you to regularly review this Privacy Policy for the most recent updates to ensure you know and exercise your right to manage your personal information.

a. Purpose of data collection

All content you are allowed to view and access on the DOMIFO.VN website is to serve your needs for information and to choose the right service and product for you. Therefore, you can use our website without providing any personal information. In some cases, when it comes to consulting – service registration, account creation, we may ask you to provide personal information.

In this privacy policy, “personal information” is understood to include your name, email address, phone number, … or any other personal information you provide.

We collect personal information only necessary for the following purposes:

  • Consumer Service: including verifying the identity of the service user, responses to your requests, complaints, fees, problem solving and feedback.
  • Security: for the purposes of preventing customer account destruction activities or customer tampering activities.
  • As required by law: depending on the provisions of the law from time to time, we may collect, store and provide at the request of the competent state agency.
  • For our business purposes such as: Analysis, evaluation and management of business activities, market research, identification of usage trends, effectiveness of advertising and promotional strategies, test results testing products, services and other business purposes in accordance with current laws.

To other third parties with whom we have joint ventures to provide products or services to you. At that time, we need and will exchange and provide your personal information to these units for them to complete your request. These units are also not allowed to use your personal information for other purposes and comply with privacy regulations when providing products and services to you. The use of user personal information by such partners is not under our control and we will not be responsible in this case.

Record browser information

From time to time, information may be put on your computer to help us improve our website or improve our service to you. This information is commonly known as “cookies” which many websites are also currently using. “Cookies” are pieces of information stored on your computer’s hard disk or browser, not on a website. They allow to collect some information about your computer such as IP address, operating system, browser mode and addresses of related websites.

If you do not want to receive these cookies, or would like to be notified when these cookies are placed, you can set your browser to do this if your browser supports it. Please note, if you disable cookies, you will not be able to access or use certain features on the website that are not specified in advance. We are not intentionally restricting your use in this situation, this is only limited to programming and website building.

By providing information to us through this website, you understand and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in accordance with the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

b. Scope uses information

You expressly agree and consent that the personal information you provide on the website may be stored at our headquarters or offices, and/and that personal information may be stored at certain locations. existing or unknown server for the purpose of operating and developing our website and services.

By giving us your personal information, using the DOMIFO.VN website you agree that your personal information will be collected and used as outlined in this Policy. If you do not agree to this Policy, you stop providing us with any personal information and/or use the rights set forth in Section b above.

c. Time to use information

The company will store the personal information provided by the customer on our internal systems during the process of providing services to the customer or until the purpose of collection is fulfilled or when the customer requests it. Request to cancel the information provided. In all cases, customer’s personal information will be kept confidential on’s server

d. People with access to that information

We will not provide your personal information to any third parties, except for the following necessary activities:

  • The partners are the service providers for us related to order fulfillment and are limited to the necessary information as well as the application of regulations to ensure security and confidentiality of personal information.
  • Legal requirements: We may disclose personal information if it is required by law and such disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with legal processes.
  • Business transfer (if any): in the event of a merger or consolidation with another company in whole or in part, the buyer will have the right to access the information stored and maintained by us, including information personal message.

In addition to the above disclosure circumstances, we will not provide personal information to a third party without your consent. We are committed to protecting your information, not buying and selling your personal information to other units for commercial purposes or for any other purpose that is inconsistent with the provisions of the law.

đ. Address of the unit collect and manage information


Business Registration Certificate Number: 0315637256

Issue date: April 18, 2018

Place of issue: Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City

Head office:

D. Address of the unit collect and manage information

Business Registration Certificate Number: 0315637256

Issue date: April 18, 2018

Place of issue: Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City

Head office: D20/19Z Vo Van Van, Hamlet 4A, Group 8-9, Vinh Loc B Commune, Binh Chanh District, City. Ho Chi Minh

đ. Methods and tools for consumers to access and correct their personal data

You should not disclose your password and/or account information to anyone and are responsible for protecting your information and personal identity whenever you are online. Customers have the right to provide us with personal information and can change that decision at any time.

If customers need to edit their personal information, they can contact our customer care phone number: 0907 530 730 (Ms. Thao)

When we update your personal information, we may ask you to verify your identity before we process your request.

f. Mechanism for receiving and resolving consumer complaints

When developing the website, we may put in place commercially reasonable provisions to prevent illegal access and improper use of the personal information you have submitted to us. through the use of this website. If this website supports online transactions, it will apply a technology standard called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect the confidentiality and safety of the data transmission.

As there is always a risk involved in providing personal data, whether provided in person, over the phone or over the internet, or through other technical means; and no technical system is absolutely safe or against all “hackers” and “tampers” (those who enter illegally to rummage through information), we always try to take precautions. appropriate for each characteristic of the information to prevent and minimize possible risks when you use this website.

With the understanding that perfect security does not exist on the network (internet) environment, we use standard technology to protect personal information, including firewalls, layers of security keys, data encryption. Whether. We also have appropriate security measures in place in our facilities to protect the privacy of your personal information. Therefore, when we use reasonable security measures, we are not responsible for any loss or disclosure of your information. In addition, we are not responsible for the disclosure of your information by our partners or by other companies that are not under our control.

Otherwise, we ask that you do not disclose or share passwords or other identifying information we provide to you with anyone else, including our employees. Passwords and information collected are our property and your use may be revoked at our discretion. You are also prohibited from using any other password that is not your account password.

Subject “Adolescents”

A minor means a child under the laws of each country at the time of application. We refuse to serve individuals under the age of Minors in accordance with applicable law. Accordingly, minors are not entitled to purchase or attempt to use products, even free products or services based on the terms and conditions of this website without the consent of their parents. or guardian, legal representative, unless applicable or permitted by local law.

Links off this site

Our Site and Services and products may link to third-party websites and services that are beyond our control. We are not responsible for the safety or security of any information collected by other websites or services. You must exercise caution and consider the privacy decisions that apply to third-party websites and services that you use.